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The Camas Educational Association is a union of over 460 professional educators, counselors, specialists and teacher-librarians committed to improving the lives of more than 6000 students in the Camas School District.

Camas School District Four Days a Week - All Schools 

Thank you all for your continued patience regarding this evolving situation.

(10/8/2020) CSD Suspected and Confirmed Case Protocol

(10/8/2020) Covid19 Screening Teacher Flow Chart

(10/8/2020) Covid19 Screening Student Flow Chart

(7/29/2020) ESD 112 Announcement 

Camas Remote Teaching Site PD & Other Resources

Camas Remote Learning Site for Students and Families

Please refer to our CEA Agreement for details and the  Camas School District's COVID-19 Coronavirus page for the latest updates.

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