Q: What should I do if I need help?
A:  Contact your Building Representative,  contact emails are on the Leadership page

Q: How do I submit a grievance?
A: Complete this grievance form and contact your building representative.

Q: How can I propose the union to take action?
A:  Step1-  Complete this form(Proposal for Action) and send it to the Union President. Step 2- Come to the next Rep Council meeting to explain your idea. If you need help, contact your building rep.

Q:Why does our collective bargaining agreement allow for a .5 FTE release for the CEA President?  What does our president do?
A: CEA President Job Description.  You can contact the president and all the other officers via email listed on the Leadership page.

Q.How do I get information about WEA legal advice for personal matters?
A.NEA provides members with full legal protection in employment related concerns. But what if you need legal counsel on a personal matter? NEA’s Attorney Referral Program (ARP) was designed to make sure that members have access to affordable legal advice. Find more information here: https://www.washingtonea.org/legal/