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ZOOM Rep Council

May 12, 2020 4:30pm - 6:00pm
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Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to order--Eric (4:30)
  2. Approval of March 2020 MinutesEric (action) (4:32)
  3. Executive Board Reports (4:35)
  • Treasureres’ Report -- Marci/Becky (action)

-Approval of March budget 

-Article III Section 6 (action) Motion:                   Second:

  • Secretary’s Report--Heather 

-Membership Report

-2020-2021 Planning 

-Officer Stipends(action)   Motion:   Second:

  • Vice President’s Report--Eric

-Climate Survey

-Officer Nominations (action)   Motion: Second:

-Scholarship Update

  •   President’s Report-- Shelley Houle  

-Bargaining Update

-Spread CEA Funds  (action) Motion:                   Second:

  •   Riverside Report                         

        4.       Added Agenda Items (5:15)

        5.       Proposals for Action, from the floor (5:30)

        6.        Next Meeting May 12th at Zoom and adjourn (6:00)

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Location Details

Grass Valley Elementary