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Rep Council Meeting

Feb 12, 2019 4:30pm - 6:00pm
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Camas Education Association

February 12, 2019

Council Meeting Agenda

Date & Time: February 12th at 4:30                       Location: Grass Valley

Chaired by: President Shelley Houle                       Address: 3000 NW Grass Valley Dr.

Minutes by: Secretary Heather Magruder                Childcare: Sierra Craft

Parliamentarian: Mark Gardner                             Doorkeeper: Michaell Smith


1. Call to Order and Welcome 4:30 pm

President Shelley Houle called the meeting to order at     pm


2. Approval of Minutes 4:35 pm

Motion to Accept:                Seconded:                                Passed?:

Approval of February’s Agenda

Motion to Accept:                           Seconded:                    Passed:            


3. Executive Board Report: 4:40 pm

Co-Treasurers: Marci Zabel/Becky Mahoney - Budget

Motion to approve:              Seconded:                    Passed?:

  • Reminder to use building budgets for Membership Matters.

Vice President: Eric Linthwaite

  • January Climate Survey Update
  • Labor Council  Update

President: Shelley Houle

  • Election Committee Report - Cory Marshall
  • Officer Elections
  • Snow Make Up Days
  • Measles Outbreak
  • WEAPAC Drive
  • Lunch Time Conversations

4. Riverside Report: Lisa Raine 5:00 pm

5. Added Agenda Items: 5:10 pm

6.  Proposals for Action: 5:15 pm

7. Adjourn:  5:30 pm

The Next Meeting will be on March 12th at 4:30 Discovery High School

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Location Details

Grass Valley Elementary School
3000 NW Grass Valley Dr.
camas, WA 98607

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